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Stratford, LB Newham

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# Building House Town County Architect Period
1 10042 houses in, Clock Mill (former), Three Mills Island Stratford LB Newham Julian Harrap Architects 1998
2 19795 flats in, East Village (formerly 2012 Athletes Village), E20 1FF Stratford LB Newham Fletcher Priest Architects 2012
3 17894 shared ownership housing in, McGrath Road, E15 4JP Stratford LB Newham Peter Barber Architects 2018c
4 19923 houses and flats in and around, Villiers Gardens, E20 1GW Stratford LB Newham PRP Architects 2018c
5 18096 Centenary House,10, Wingfield Road, E15 1LP Stratford LB Newham 1980s