UK Modern House Index


UK Modern House Index is a database of British houses of architectural interest from the 1920s to the present.

It is a work in progress of gathering information from architectural books and magazines, web sites, estate agents' particulars and other sources combined with on the spot photography. The main theme of the database is the rise of the modern style of architecture in Britain reflecting the contributors' common interest in modern architecture.



Hugh Martin
David Anderson
Chris Moxey
Wayne Boucher
Micky West
Josh Abbott
Julian Orbach
Richard Hawkes
Robin Brigham
Kenneth Hayes
Richard Brook
Adrian Symons
Connor Flys
David Jones
and other members of the UK Modern House Fanatics Forum

UK Modern House Fanatics Forum


24 Nov 2023: V23 of the data
30 Jun 2023: V22 of the data
04 Mar 2023: V21 of the data
18 Oct 2022: V20 of the data
13 May 2022: V19 of the data
16 Jan 2022: V18 of the data
11 Sep 2021: V17 of the data
16 Apr 2021: V16 of the data
28 Nov 2020: V15 of the data
18 Jul 2020: V14 of the data
03 Jan 2020: V13 of the data
20 Oct 2019: Migration from Yahoo to for Forum
04 Jun 2019: V12 of the data
22 Feb 2019: V11 of the data
31 Oct 2018: V10 of the data
11 Feb 2018: V9 of the data
22 Sep 2017: V8 of the data
05 May 2017: V7 of the data
03 Oct 2016: V6 of the data
18 May 2016: V5 of the data
02 Nov 2015: V4 of the data
12 Jan 2015: V3 of the data
09 Mar 2014: Updated data from Hugh
15 Feb 2014: Live database on
03 Oct 2013: Trial of online database hosted by Cambridge 2000
05 Sep 2013: Hugh Martin's data uploaded to the Yahoo Forum
05 Sep 2012: David Anderson's data uploaded to the Yahoo Forum

Outside Links

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Post-War Houses UK - Flickr group of Fifties to Seventies houses moderated by Chris Moxey.
Modern London Houses - Photos of modern houses in London by David Anderson
Cambridge 2000 - Photos of Cambridge architecture by Wayne Boucher


Hugh Martin (if you are interested in the master spreadsheet contact him)